To Create Your Best Life, First Reconnect With Your Power

Midlife to Best Life is all about living in your power, defining your life purpose, and using that purpose to generate positive change in the world. What sets this site apart from your typical midlife blog derives from these three fundamental principles: 

Reconnect with who you are and claim your power

Define your new life purpose

Generate positive change in the world 

There are many websites you could be visiting, and many blogs you could be reading. Why spend your time here on Midlife to Best Life, instead of out there, where the light-workers admonish that you don't know how to manifest abundance in your life, you're too old to start something new, and funny cat gifs beckon?

There are three good reasons to be here. Midlife to Best Life stands for three core principles. In my over fifty years of considerable life experience, three things have proven, time and time again, to be the first, essential steps to creating a successful life on your terms.

This post is about those three things.

Principle #1: If you want to live your best life, you have to know who you are, what you want, and acknowledge the opportunities available to you.

Humans are social creatures. We take cues from our tribe. As we've evolved into using social media, we find ourselves inundated with messages of what we "should" want and how to get it.

We see these messages so often that we stop noticing, but our brains are still registering signals that we don't know what we're doing. We begin to believe that we don't know what we're doing, and we search for solutions "out there," forgetting that we are powerful, capable women.

You're the only one who knows what your best life looks like, and only AFTER you've taken the time to explore your inner guidance and claim your power.

Nobody tells you this. They're happy to sell you on the next big thing, and make sure you know that you're less-than until you own their product.

It's bullshit.

On Midlife to Best Life, the first principle is the only instruction you need: Reconnect with who you are and claim your power. No product or service will work for you until you've done that - period - no matter how convincing the sales pitch.

Principle #2: You must define your life purpose.

The whole concept of life purpose can be confusing. 

We see people (again "out there"), such as Gandhi, and Mother Teresa, who have an obvious life purpose, and we wonder what's wrong with us. Why do we seem to have no purpose in comparison?

Purpose in life is relative. You can't compare yours with anyone else's, and it's up to you to define yours. Something else to note: Our purpose changes throughout our lifetime. 

When we are children, our purpose is to learn and grow. When we are teenagers, our purpose is to pull away from our parents. When we are young adults, our purpose is to forge a life of our own.

At midlife, we need to wake up and realize that life is far from over, that we have a lifetime of skills, experience, and challenges we've overcome that hold the key to our ability to create our best life yet. 

Through fearless introspection, self-exploration, and doing the inner work of questioning everything about the state of our existence, we can identify the golden threads of our unique and precious gifts.

Principle #3: Use your purpose to generate positive change in the world.

Fierce women crave life-freedom, and there's no reason why you can't attain it. In case you haven't noticed, the online world is one of limitless opportunities. 

I'm not one to pull the wool over your eyes, so I'll be the first to tell you that it's not all cupcakes and rainbows.

I'm also a realist, so I'll be the first to ask you, "What else is occupying your time?

Are you going to be satisfied with sitting down and fading away, or are you up for a wild ride? 

Fierce women don't shy away from challenges. They've overcome more than they can remember, and once they claim their power at midlife, creating a life that they love is the next logical step. 

You are a strong, intelligent, and compassionate warrior in your life. You find yourself at midlife, wondering how to lose the shackles of the status quo so you can remain fierce and vital for years to come.

You value your relationship with yourself first and foremost. You know that if you aren’t at your best, you aren’t able to impact your world in the way you want and need to, and you don't do things half-way.

The purpose of Midlife to Best Life is to support highly motivated women in building their best life from midlife and beyond.

Midlife is a gift! We get to hit our “reset” button and create the life of our dreams - what are you waiting for?

You've lived the life you were "supposed" to live, now live the life you WANT to live.

Midlife to Best Life is a community brought to life by me, Carmen Reed-Gilkison. It's a place where warriors gather to reassess our lives. It's a place to dream, plan, strategize, and weigh the pros and cons of our many possible futures. It's a place where we lift each other as we create our best lives together.

As a certified Whole-Person Coach, I am trained to incorporate all aspects of your life into our coaching sessions. You'll be surprised how an issue in one area of life can cause problems in another.

Here's to you living your best life!

Carmen Reed-Gilkison, Founder, Midlife to Best Life

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How Was Midlife to Best Life Born?

I kept seeing this ad on Facebook – it’s like it was following me. Annoying – right? It was selling ultimate abundance if only I would click the button. I knew it was selling me on something that was “pie in the sky,” but I was bored, so I bit.

What the heck? I thought.

I was right. The information was a little too “woo-woo” for my taste, and there were going to be no measurable results from following their advice.

What I wasn't ready for was a whole new world to open up before me.

Clicking that one ad catapulted me into the world of online entrepreneurship. I went down the rabbit hole and have never come out! The sheer power of it was obvious from that first day.

Suddenly, I looked at Facebook, heck, the whole internet, in a whole new light. It was as if someone pulled back the curtain and revealed what the internet is really all about – e-commerce.

It was beautiful! It’s even more beautiful now.

Once you understand the power that we have at our fingertips every single day you’ll be awestruck.

We are very fortunate to live in such an amazing time in history. At no time before the mid-1990’s have people had the opportunity to broadcast information about their business to millions of people for free! It’s crazy cool!

This power can be used by midlifers in a myriad of ways:

  • You're able to find the information you need to learn and grow and create the life of your dreams. 
  • Want to start a business? You can do that!
  • Want to develop a non-profit, or give back in a big way? You can do that - that information is at your fingertips!

If you don't have time to search all the internet has to offer, you aren't sure what sites are credible or not, and you need the guidance of someone you can trust who is dedicated to your success; I'm your girl!

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