Choose Growth


Choose Growth Every Time. We've only got THIS ONE LIFE! Don't waste what you've been given.

I lost my mom in January 2019, and if there's one thing I learned from watching her decline over the previous 7 years, it's that it didn't have to be that way. Unfortunately, my mom struggled with depression and mental illness. She had some good years, but for the most part, she wasn't able to reach happiness in life.

You have the power to create the life we want; all you need to do is claim your power, make a plan, and follow your dreams.

Whenever possible in your life choose growth; stepping back into safety is a trap. It may feel safe and comfortable in the moment, but before you know it you'll be too scared to choose growth and you'll wind up with regrets at the end. That's no way to live 

Don't shrink away from the best version of you - reach for it - embrace it.

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