Your Curiosity Is The Key To Inspiring Others


Your curiosity is the key to much more than just inspiring others; it’s the key to happiness. 

Why is curiosity the key? 

Let me ask you another question: What do you believe happens when you live your purpose? I think that you become so focused on sharing your gifts that you stop putting so much importance on what others think - it’s so liberating!

Have you ever wondered why some people can walk to the beat of their own drum, while others become paralyzed trying to fit in or measure up? I have. What I do know is that when you’re able to tune others out and focus on your inner guidance (a.k.a. your curiosity, intuition, gut feelings, etc.), you stop worrying about what others think, and therein lies a clue.

If there were only one message I could successfully get out to the world, it would be that your life is YOUR life, and you should live it in a way that makes you feel vibrant and happy. Following what makes you curious naturally leads to those feelings because you’re honoring who you are. When you learn to live your purpose, you reach a level of flow with the world that allows you to harness your natural abilities and positively impact those around you. When you don't, well, you waste your time trying to measure up to someone else's idea of what's right.

Stop Trying to Measure Up!

Throughout life, we get bombarded with stories about what we “should” be doing, what’s right and wrong, and who we are (winner, loser, misfit, leader, etc.) I invite you to remember that all those who create “the status quo” aren’t you, and you’d do well to view their judgment is nothing more than opinion. Unless people put in the work to view life objectively, their appraisal of a situation results from their own biases. 

Guidelines and laws are crucial to building a thriving society, and there’s little room for individuality when enforcing rules for the masses. But, when we apply rigidly limiting laws to ourselves, we unintentionally paint ourselves into a corner. 

If you believe that you’re not measuring up, ask yourself whose definition of life you’re trying to measure up to. Think about it: How can you be expected to measure up to anything that’s not of your own making? 

Your Curiosity is Key, so Let it Guide You

Purpose expands whatever it’s applied to, and you have the power to decide what you want that to be. Your best guidance comes from within in the form of your curiosity, interests, and intuition. If you live in such a way as to maximize your enjoyment of life, you will fill yourself up with happiness. Doing so will lead you to discover yourself in a way that you never would while trying to fit into a mold created by someone else.

Adventurer beware! Your journey to discovering your purpose won’t be a straight line. Following curiosity may have you doing random things like learning how to dance, figuring out a better way to feed the homeless, or creating simple recipes for better health. Most of the time, it will seem like your journey isn’t leading anywhere until one day when you’re able to solve a problem because of your varied experiences; on that day, your path will become crystal clear.

To me, living a life of intention means that you learn to live in your truth and inspire others to do the same. Following your curiosity is the best way to ensure you’re living in YOUR truth.

Imagine How The World Could Be

Imagine how wonderful the world would be if every single person lived life in a way that made them vibrate with happiness wherever they went! 

Most people are so busy building a life that looks successful from the outside only to wake up one day (usually in midlife) to realize they aren’t happy, and their life has no meaning. When you’re too busy entertaining regrets about your past, covering up your insecurities, and wishing for fortune in your future, you miss out on the gift that is the present. You'll never recognize your curiosity if you're focused on pleasing others.

The trick is to stop looking at everything that was or could be, and start learning how to develop a meaningful relationship with yourself as you are right now. When you’ve made peace with yourself (and that includes trusting your inner guidance), you’ll realize a level of freedom you could never have imagined. 

Self-love Will Change Your Life 

As long as you’re worried about what others think, you’ll never be free. While it’s possible to do good in the world without achieving self-love, you won’t be happy. If you’re ready to make friends with the person you see in the mirror, I recommend following the seven steps outlined in Passport to Purpose to help you do just that.

Every person who learns to love themselves raises their vibrational energy and inspires others. It will be through small steps, made one person at a time, that we will make the world a better place. If you want support from a wonderful group of people, consider joining the Midlife to Best Life Community on Facebook.

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