Remember the Magic


This morning I got a message from the Universe - Remember the Magic. To some it may have seemed like just a coincidence, but not to me. I've been struggling with having to tend to responsibilities that take me away from working on my business, which I am so excited (impatient) to work on and get rolling.

I’ve made a lot of progress, but as I move toward my goal the path continuously extends before me; kind of like when you’re on a hike to reach a mountain top and every time you reach a crest a new valley lays before you, exposing how far you still need to travel.

As I was driving in to work there was something in the road ahead. It’s darker than light out at this point in the morning and I can’t make it out. Living in the beautiful rural Pacific Northwest, there are, unfortunately, animals hit and killed on the roads often so I thought nothing of it. As I grew closer it got bigger, and then I realized it was sitting/standing up and it was big.

I was going about 30 mph and slowing, but not soon enough to miss it. I centered my car so that I would go over it and not hit it. I slammed on my breaks closing my eyes and holding on for the impact. When I didn't feel anything, I opened my eyes to see it lifting off the ground just as my car passed, catching the golden color of the feathers under its wing as it drifted through the light of my headlight. It was a Great Horned Owl.

I turned off the audio book I had bee listening to so I could process this. It was a sign. What came to me immediately was “Slow down and remember the magic.”

I believe life is magic, the Universe is magic, and we are made of magic. I’ve been struggling because I’d forgotten the magic. If we move too quickly toward our goals the magic evaporates. There is no such thing as time; that’s just an illusion that we, as humans, need to cling to.

My new goal is to experience each moment to its fullest, whether I’m working, playing, cooking, or cleaning; there are lessons waiting for us if we just change our perception.

Slow down and remember the magic.

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