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Working with a coach is a big step, so kudos for considering it! Working with the RIGHT coach is what you absolutely need to reach your goals. Hiring someone who is dedicated to your success is a must, but they also need to have a skill set that matches the needs you have; I may, or may not, be the right fit.

How do we find out?

I've designed a Discovery Questionnaire to assess our fit. I don't accept everyone who applies, which is a good thing for all of us! There's no point in entering into a coaching relationship if the fit isn't right.

Hiring a coach is like having a second rower in your Kayak. You have the power and ability to make progress on your own, but think how much farther and faster you can get with a second rower. Beyond that, you'll experience exponential growth - it doesn't stop at double your growth - it surpasses it due to the power of momentum. I can't recommend coaching highly enough if you're ready to do the work. You don't get to stop rowing, in fact, you'll row more than you have before; the difference is you'll have your coordinates dialed in and the voyage will be mapped along proven routes. 

Below are Frequently Asked Questions that will help you decide if coaching is right for you:

How do I know hiring a coach is right for me?

How long does coaching take before I see results?

What type of coach is right for me?

What are your qualifications?


Carmen has a way of making you feel at ease while narrowing in on your issue. She is truly gifted at what she does, and helps you to bring out your best with her caring and fun attitude.

Starr P.


Carmen’s coaching was amazing—she helped me pinpoint what direction to take in my social media career. I went from frustrated to focused after my coaching because we identified my strongest area is building online community and less on branding myself on just social media marketing.

Cindy C.


Coaching that makes the fog lift! What's different about Carmen's service compared to others comes down to coaching, coaching, coaching! With her guidance, I was able to set a plan (repetitive, tactical content creation) to execute a strategy of posting useful information and publicizing it to attract customers; then, act on the results.

Bill L.

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