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Hi. I'm Carmen

I Help Women Over 40 Discover Their Unique Gifts so They Can Live Their Best Life.  Realizing that you hold the key to living your best life is empowering.

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Are You in Control of Where Your Life is Headed?

Whether you have boundless energy or you're barely making it through your days, the reality is that you need to be in the driver's seat to reach your best life destination.

What do I mean by "your best life?"

Just that. I'm here to help you reach YOUR best life, not someone else's idea of what your best life is "supposed" to be. 

By the time we reach our forties, we've been around the block a few times. We may be at the top of our game, or we may have been knocked down a few pegs by the brutality of this thing called life. No matter when it happens, there will be a time when you will awaken to the cold harsh realization that you've been living life for everyone but yourself.

Relax - You're not alone - it happens to all of us!

Whether you're a rule follower or a rule breaker (like me), you undoubtedly developed a system to get you through life as successfully as possible. It's even probable that you believed you were immune to regret, feelings of failure, or confusion about what your next step would be - ever. I mean you've got it goin' on! Anyone looking at your life from the outside in sees nothing but success - right?

The Problem:

The problem is that we're looking at our life from the inside out and we see cracks starting to show in our armor. Suddenly, we are questioning EVERYTHING about our life.

Do any of these statements resonate with you?

  • You can't leave the job that's draining the life out of you because it's the only thing keeping you afloat financially.
  • You can't stop daydreaming about a new life - a better life - doing something you love.
  • You have an empty feeling like you're not doing anything meaningful with your life while everyone else is out enjoying themselves.

The Solutions

The solutions below are designed to give you actionable, momentum-building guidance that perfectly matches the stage of your best life journey.

Passport to Purpose

Reconnect with YOU to receive inner guidance and discover your unique purpose.

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MidLife Compass

The MidLife Compass will allow you to see your life as it is, and all that it can be.

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The Vault is where you'll find current offers and resources designed especially to help you create your best life.

It's a virtual treasure trove.